Patriots-Mac Jones buzz seems to fit Bill Belichick’s ideal plan

Alabama QB Mac Jones (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Alabama QB Mac Jones (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The back and forth concerned the New England Patriots‘ quarterback conundrum could finally come to an end once the NFL Draft arrives.

Reports and rumors have suggested the Patriots love this class … or they don’t?

Then the team signed Cam Newton to a one-year deal. Quarterback search over, right?

Nope! Some have suggested Bill Belichick could sign another or use that No. 15 pick on one that slides to him.

So here we are again with the Mac Jones buzz. The former Alabama Crimson Tide star and National Champion fell to the Pats in Mel Kiper Jr.’s latest mock draft. D

on’t you think the Pats will pull the trigger if he’s there?

It makes the most sense. Give Newton the reins and hand Jones a clipboard. Have the rookie learn the offense for most of the year. If Newton falters, Jones can get some end-of-season reps. If not, Newton isn’t the long-term solution anyway, so then the Pats can turn to Jones in 2022.

Are the Patriots still eyeing Mac Jones?

Here’s Kiper Jr.’s explanation for the selection while appearing on ESPN’s “Get Up”:

"“I thought it made more sense for Bill Belichick to bring in a quarterback that resembles, coming out of college, what Tom Brady looked like coming out of Michigan. The Saban-Belichick connection is real with Belichick having drafted 10 Nick Saban players from Alabama or LSU. No other coach has drafted anymore than five, so that tells you that the Saban-Belichick connection matters.”"

It seems like a reasonable blueprint, especially when you consider all of the heavy lifting the Patriots did in free agency. They spent a ton of money, addressed just about every hole on their roster, and now don’t exactly have a glaring need fill when draft day arrives. They’ll more than likely have the luxury of taking the best player available at No. 15.

Perhaps the team views Jones as that guy, since the QB position isn’t settled beyond 2021.

Criticism of Jones is largely nit-picky, too. “He’s not mobile enough.” Cool, he’s a pocket passer. “He had the greatest assortment of weapons in college football.” Yup, and he delivered with an undefeated season. “His ability to read defenses is questionable.” Huh? He played in the SEC. “He only has one full year of experience.” Trey Lance has one year of experience in the FCS and Zach Wilson was average at best in his first 18 games at BYU before his first full campaign in 2020.

Everyone’s going to have their reservations about every draft prospect, but if Jones falls into the Patriots’ lap, fans can trust Belichick likely has a shrewd plan to help the youngster learn the playbook and ease into the offense when the time comes … if this is something the organization is considering.