Patriots: Cam Newton backed by former teammates as teenager apologizes for viral video

Patriots QB Cam Newton (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Patriots QB Cam Newton (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The New England Patriots are currently searching for a starting quarterback, and recent buzz suggests that they haven’t ruled out a potential reunion with Cam Newton, whom they (reportedly) mutually agreed to part ways with at the end of the regular season.

It’s well-documented that Newton endured his worst season as a pro with the Patriots in 2020, but there were several extenuating circumstances, like player opt outs, a truncated offseason, and a bout with COVID-19, that contributed to his shortcomings.

Unfortunately, however, that wasn’t enough to dissuade a teenager from calling him out in distasteful fashion over the weekend.

While hosting a football camp, Cam Newton got into a verbal argument with one of the attendees, who berated him about his performance and upcoming free agency, shouting that he’s “about to be poor.”

Newton had fun with the ordeal, but that doesn’t take away from how poor of an indictment this is on young fans, who could clearly prove to benefit from learning a thing or two about respecting their elders. Knowing these cheap shots were totally out of bounds, a handful of the three-time Pro Bowler’s former teammates came to his defense on social media.

First up on that list? None other than Patriots outside linebacker Josh Uche.

Former Patriots QB Cam Newton received support on social media in wake of this viral video.

Uche sums it up pretty perfectly here, folks. With apps like TikTok and others growing in popularity seemingly by the minute, there’s a growing obsession among teenagers (and the younger generation as a whole) about wanting to go viral.

Intentional or not, we’ve all stumbled across these viral videos and it really makes you wonder why this youngster went after Newton, who was charitable enough to make him a part of his camp, for attention. Out of all the options to consider, that’s what you choose?

Veteran wideout Torrey Smith, who was Newton’s teammate with the Panthers three years ago in 2018, was next to defend him. Based on his reaction, the former second-round pick was clearly shocked and disappointed by what transpired.

Apparently not, and that needs to change — at least in the sense of youngsters trying to talk smack to one of the greatest dual-threat quarterbacks to ever grace the NFL. There’s nothing wrong with a little heated exchange among competing athletes, but doing it from the sidelines in the direction of your camp leader who just so happens to be a potential future Hall of Famer?

That’s not the way to become the popular kid.

Clearly aware of how disrespectful he came off to the hundred of thousands (maybe millions?) of people who viewed the video, the teenager penned a lengthy apology letter to Newton late Sunday night and posted it on Twitter for everybody to read.

There’s no reason to spend more time on this, but at least the teenager, perhaps after an overwhelming feeling of national embarrassment and a scolding from his parents, regretted his actions and delivered an apology. When you consider that Newton posted an uplifting Instagram addressing the altercation, we like to think he’ll accept it in short order.

Let this be the end.