Patriots: Stephon Gilmore oddly deletes all of his social media accounts


It’s widely understood that finding a quarterback should be at the top of the Patriots’ agenda this offseason. However, there’s a genuine conversation to be had regarding which positional need takes second place.

While the Patriots need to fill holes at wide receiver, defensive end and linebacker, you could certainly make the case that the future of Stephon Gilmore will be the most pertinent topic of conversation over the next few months, at least in terms of solidifying their defense (or regretting the choice not to sell higher).

The 30-year-old cornerback has been the subject of trade rumors in the past, and there’s reason to believe the Patriots will make him available again this offseason if they don’t feel like restructuring his contract for the second consecutive year.

Well, Gilmore’s latest actions only added more questions about his future with the Patriots, as he strangely decided to delete all of his social media accounts. It remains to be seen what provoked him to pull such a stunt, but this is probably the last thing fans in New England wanted to wake up to on Monday morning.

Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore deleted all of his social media accounts.

What could this mean? Well, putting his future with the Patriots aside for a moment, this could’ve just been a case of Gilmore preparing for a social media reboot. As we’ve seen in the past with star athletes, deleting accounts is a fairly common course of action before they reactivate them.

Not to mention that the two-time All-Pro was active on his accounts as recently as Sunday, so maybe he wasn’t trying to send a subliminal message to the organization.

Getting back to Gilmore’s contract situation, however, he’s entering the final year of his contract and is set to make just $7.34 million in salary next season. When you consider the market for elite cornerbacks, a player of his caliber deserves to be pocketing at least $15 million, which would make him the seventh-highest paid player at the position based on annual average value.

Gilmore’s track record of dominance proves that he deserves to have his contract reworked this offseason. Sure, he took a significant step back this past season- he logged a 58.5 coverage grade from Pro Football Focus across 11 games — but if you take a look at the knee and quad injuries he battled through, that really isn’t much of a surprise.

Again, the deletion of his social media accounts could mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, but taking his precarious future, less-than-ideal contract situation and injury-riddled 2020 into account, the sudden move is bound to cause an uproar among Patriots fans.