Patriots: Latest Jimmy Garoppolo update might mean drafting QB is best

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

It’s crazy to think that we already had a blockbuster trade this “offseason” with the Super Bowl still left to play, but you won’t find content-needy football fans complaining.

The same, however, couldn’t be said for the Patriots’ spoiled fan base when it found out that trade target Matthew Stafford came off the board this weekend, but those tensions simmered a bit when the details of the deal were revealed.

According to reports, the Rams gave up Jared Goff, two first-round picks (!) and a third-rounder in return fo the 32-year-old quarterback. The Patriots were simply never going to give up that much for a player who’s never won on the big stage and is only under contract for two more seasons, meaning that they’re still in the market for a starter.

There’s been growing speculation that they could reunite with Jimmy Garoppolo if the 49ers decided to move on from him this offseason, and we initially didn’t hate the idea. However, the latest update on his trade market indicates that the Patriots would be better off drafting one of the top prospects in this year’s loaded class.

The latest update on Jimmy Garoppolo suggests that the Patriots would be better off drafting a quarterback

Per ESPN reporter Mike Reiss, the 49ers are still debating whether they’ll make Garoppolo available and they probably wouldn’t consider unloading him unless they were blown away by somebody’s offer. We would all agree that the former Patriots quarterback isn’t worth a first-rounder, but this insight implies that San Francisco wouldn’t budge unless that was offered.

At that point, the Patriots would be better off using the No. 15 overall pick — or potentially a second-rounder if they’re confident someone like Jamie Newman could fall that far — on a quarterback. If the 49ers, who reportedly didn’t even submit an offer for Stafford, were feeling audacious, they could even drive up their asking price to multiple picks.

That would obviously remove a first-rounder from consideration, but even that would be too much considering lengthy Garoppolo’s injury history since he was traded to the west coast in addition to his bloated contract. Not only that, but the Patriots have far too many roster holes to even consider giving up draft capital for anybody who wouldn’t be a clear cut home run addition at the position.

Sure, Garoppolo is familiar with the playbook and culture, but if he wasn’t performing up to par with how many weapons the 49ers have — on top of playing behind a stout offensive line — what evidence is there to suggest that he would turn it around in New England?

The Garoppolo reunion was fun to think about for a while, but this latest update on his future and supposed trade market proves that the Patriots should call an audible and turn all of their attention to the 2021 draft class, which is filled to the brim with intriguing prospects.