Patriots: Bill Belichick’s rumored salary is even larger than you thought

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick makes a LOT of money.

After slogging through a Patriots season unlike any other, there’s been at least some muted speculation that Bill Belichick could choose to depart rather than fight through another top-down rebuild with an as-yet-unnamed quarterback.

But at the end of the day, the man loves football. Much like his former quarterback Tom Brady, his 68 years of age haven’t been an obstacle yet, and he’s unlikely to view them as such, even as they continue to mount.

On Monday, we were treated to another hint that helps further explain Belichick’s sticktoitiveness, however.

When reports emerged that Urban Meyer was angling to come out of retirement to coach the Jaguars only if a $12 million annual paycheck came attached to the position, Patriots insider Ben Volin attempted to share a few statistics showing what a large jump that would be for an “unproven,” first-year NFL mind.

Turns out, per Pro Football Talk, Volin didn’t even know the half of it.

Now, ask yourself: is Belichick, a true football rat who really loves this stuff and is being paid a king’s ransom to do it, really going to walk away from the complete package?!

It is rather humorous, even for Patriots fans, to realize that after all these years of mockery regarding Tom Brady taking under-the-table payments to help keep the team’s salary cap free, his coach was actually the one taking kickbacks.

Which business was it, Bill? BB12 Total Fitness?


At a certain point, we’ve all had the debate about who you’d rather pay to start your franchise: one of the league’s elite-of-the-elite players, or a top-tier coaching talent who can engender a perfectly piloted rebuild?

According to the figures that were leaked on Monday, it would appear it’s common knowledge that the league’s top program-builders are getting cap-shattering contracts, just like the players. Maybe it’s a wash?