Patriots: Bill Belichick delivers blunt quote after Cam Newton’s fumble

Somebody pressed Patriots head coach Bill Belichick on Cam Newton’s fumble and what it felt like. Thanks so much for that, media.

The never-ending stumble that is the undermanned 2-5 Patriots’ 2020 season hit another monstrous roadblock on Sunday, when Cam Newton was tripped up seconds before a likely game-tying field goal and potential game-winning touchdown.

Instead, a Bills second-stringer Peanut Punched the ball out, the Pats lost 24-21 in a nail-biting disaster, and the locker room was left devastated in the opposite fashion from last week, when they were forced to nurse a blowout home loss.

Things are not very secure in New England as the trade deadline approaches, but the infrastructure remains. Bill Belichick will be here next year, and he’ll be the one overseeing the Pats for the foreseeable future, when the breaks will begin to bounce the team’s way yet again.

But in the meantime, don’t ask Belichick about the exceedingly unlucky events unfolding, unless you want to get his unfiltered and obvious take about the depressing reality of 2020.

What’d you expect, folks? “We feel great! We’re taking the fumble to the Supreme Court, and we believe we have a good case.”

This was a loss that resembled the games vs the Seahawks and Broncos in that New England established the run and led a frantic second-half surge, only to watch one disaster undermine their efforts. It doesn’t feel good, but it’s not going to lead to Belichick going off on a tirade. It’s just part of the game.

Just because Belichick was fed up with the embarrassing line of questioning in the wake of yet another one-score loss does not mean he plans on being unnecessarily reactionary this week.

He also confirmed in the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s game that, yes, Newton would be the team’s starting quarterback for the remainder of the season, which makes all the sense in the world.

Sitting at 2-5, this team is far off from where they dreamt of being when the campaign opened.

But Belichick isn’t going to wave the white flag — nor is he going to open up and bare his soul to the media.