New audio reveals details of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick friction

New audio illuminated the details of former New England Patriots tandem Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s dysfunction.

It’s been an especially difficult week for Patriots fans in the world of the Brady-Belichick battle. Tompa Bay had one of his strongest weeks of the season in Week 7, dazzling in a blowout victory over the Las Vegas Raiders … which we all had to watch thanks to repeated cutaways during Patriots-49ers, a total slogfest.

So what better time than the present to rehash the Brady-Belichick drama of seasons past that has led the Patriots to their current level of QB turmoil?!

New audio from vaunted sports author Gary Myers on the latest episode of The Goat: Tom Brady from Diversion Podcasts gives Pats Nation a brand-new look at the strange relationship between the two most iconic figures in modern NFL history.

Some of the most damning audio features a Myers conversation with Brady himself, which illuminates the coldness of the way the big man treated all the pegs on his roster, even his matinee idol:

Myers: How often do you see the non-football Belichick?
TB: Me? Very rarely!
Myers: Did you guys ever go out to dinner?
TB: I don’t think we ever have [gone out to dinner], no.  I think we’re around each other so much that whenever we get time, nothing ever comes of it.
Myers: Have you ever had a conversation with him talking about your accomplishments together?
TB: Never. Nope.  He’s not a look forward or look past kind of guy.  He doesn’t care about any of those things.

The entire podcast episode, entitled “Saving Coach Belichick,” is below, and the juicy stuff begins at the 17:40 mark.

Of course, there’s also incriminating audio of Tom Brady Sr. predicting his son’s awkward departure from New England all the way back in 2017.

“One day in the future whether it’s tomorrow or next year or three years from now, Belichick has to make a decision to cut the cord and Belichick figures this is a professional deal and as long as it’s a professional deal, that’s the way it is,” Brady Sr. said on the record several years ago. Prescient! Almost like he knew Belichick personally!

We understand why the “mutually-agreed-upon” departure of the GOAT came to be, but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever fully get over the strange imagery of him thriving in Tampa Bay. Any time new audio emerges that further illuminates the drama, we’re going to soak it up.