Patriots: Tedy Bruschi straight up lies when trying to clear up Pats criticism

Tedy Bruschi called out the Patriots and now he’s saying he never did that.

It’s a shame that former New England Patriots legend Tedy Bruschi has joined the Hot Take factory that is ESPN and regularly appears on “Get Up!” to spew some unpopular opinion that will get sports fans riled up.

And he (somewhat) did it again while making an appearance on a Boston radio show. When the subject of Antonio Brown came up, Bruschi didn’t exactly have kind things to say about the Pats.

AB’s eight-game suspension will soon be coming to an end, and Bruschi suggested that the former All-Pro shouldn’t come back to New England.

“They could use him. But I’m telling you, if I’m Antonio Brown, I wouldn’t touch the Patriots with a 10-foot pole,” Bruschi said on WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni and Fauria. “I say that because this team isn’t very good anymore. You’ve got a quarterback now that I’ve got to be open for him to get me. Do I go to Cam? Or, let’s see, maybe Russell Wilson that can put the ball in a place where I barely have to move my hand. What quarterback would I rather play for?

“Bad taste in my mouth from New England and how it ended, so Seattle is perfect. … Why wouldn’t I ask Tampa Bay, ‘you got room for me over there?’ Antonio Brown’s looking for that relationship and that quarterback that can really make him a better player. Because that wide receiver position is dependent on who throws you the ball, and I’d much rather be with Russell Wilson or Tom Brady than Cam Newton right now.”

His response to that?

Which words? You said the Patriots were not good!

Yes, the process of Antonio Brown … through your lens. You said, “I say that because this team isn’t good anymore.” Bill Belichick isn’t going to like that, Tedy!

If you didn’t mean to say that, then that’s a totally different story, but you explicitly stated something that is on the record for everyone to hear and read, and now telling us that your words “got twisted” is an insult to everybody’s intelligence.