Patriots: Rex Ryan destroying Pats offense is a new low

ESPN analyst and former Jets head coach Rex Ryan destroying the Patriots’ offense is a new low.

Even after the signing of Cam Newton, there were a ton of questions heading into the season about what the Patriots’ offense would look like. Though the former MVP had his fair share of doubters, most of that apprehension had to do with the team’s lack glaring lack of dynamic weapons.

After silencing haters with a blistering start to the campaign, those concerns have made a triumphant return in light of the Patriots’ current losing streak, which reached two games after their loss to an inferior and banged up Broncos team on Sunday.

Due to a combination of a rusty Newton, the inability of wide receivers to create separation and a stymied rushing attack, the Patriots mustered just 288 yards of offense, which was their lowest tally of the season by a wide margin (69 yards). Unfortunately for the Patriots, things won’t get any easier as a date with San Francisco, who just held the Rams’ previously streaking offense to 16 points in primetime, awaits them in Week 7.

We really don’t have to tell you how inept New England looked on offense vs Denver, so why don’t we let Rex Ryan do the honors? Appearing on “Get Up” on Monday morning, the ESPN analyst and former longtime Jets head coach and aggrieved hater painted a demoralizing picture about the current state of the Patriots’ offense.

“Man, oh man, this looks like a disaster to me,” Ryan said. “I never saw that arm talent. He (Cam Newton) wouldn’t snap the football, he was kind of pushing the ball. He wasn’t accurate down the field, which we have seen throughout his career, but with Josh McDaniels, I give him so much credit because early in the season we saw him be accurate in those deals. But, this is scary to me.

“Look, we all know there’s no weapons out there and the fact we see that highlight where Cam is sitting there waiting, waiting and waiting, you have to throw to guys open and unfortunately right now I don’t know if Cam is accurate enough or has enough zip on the football to throw guys open.”

Is this rock bottom? Because Ryan, a former defensive minded coach who is anything but a quarterback whisperer, taking Newton and Co. to the cleaners definitely feels like rock bottom. At the same time, however, it’s hard to disagree with his analysis.

As proficient as he’s been in the pocket throughout his career, Newton’s accuracy has never been the most lauded aspect of his game. That isn’t implying that three-time Pro Bowler is an erratic passer, either. His arm strength and prowess as a runner always just popped off the screen more.

With that being said, we’re not sure if Newton has the touch and finesse to throw his receivers, who continuously find it impossible to create separation, open in tight coverage. Again, this is more of an indictment on the Patriots’ pedestrian assortment of weapons than it is a dig at Newton, so please don’t think we’re writing off the 31-year-old superstar.

The bottom line is that head coach Bill Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels need to find some answers, because the Patriots have three incredibly tough matchups –San Fran, Buffalo and Baltimore — lined up in three of the next four weeks.