Devin McCourty addresses ‘difference’ between Bill Belichick’s last two years

Patriots DB Devin McCourty discussed whether or not there was a difference between Bill Belichick’s 2019 and 2020.

The New England Patriots are fighting through a season unlike any other in 2020, and they’ve been getting the brunt of it.

Another positive test (and a potential second) shut down the team’s practice facility yet again on Friday, causing another unwanted and frightening stoppage just two days before the team is supposedly set to play the Broncos on Sunday.

This marks approximately two weeks of disaster, stemming from the moment the NFL chose not to halt the team’s operations, instead sending them to Kansas City in the wake of Cam Newton’s positive coronavirus test.

Funny the way it is, right? Bill Belichick thought he’d have to coach differently because of the departure of Tom Brady, but he had no idea he was about to be encountering trillions of hurdles to keep his team competitive. But if you ask Devin McCourty, it’s just been more of the same.

McCourty hit the nail on the head in explaining why Belichick is such an adept coach for these times. Is there a massive difference between the way he’s handling this COVID-interrupted season and the way he dealt with Tom Brady drama? Eh, not so much. Belichick is Belichick.

The Patriots have been dealt an awful hand in ’20, but when they return to the field, is there any team you expect to be more prepared? If the Titans can do it, why not these Pats?

McCourty, who was quarantined at a hotel in the wake of the rash of positives, recently returned home to his doctor wife this week, which is certainly a comfortable place to be.

2020 isn’t business as usual for anyone, but the second the Patriots have the steadying influence of Newton back under center, their picture will be essentially complete once again.

They’re shutting out the noise in true Patriots fashion, even if the noise is far more serious this year.