Patriots: Everything about Cam Newton is a better fit for 2020 Pats than Tom Brady

Patriots QB Cam Newton (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Patriots QB Cam Newton (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

QB Cam Newton’s latest comments prove that he’s a better fit for the 2020 Patriots than Tom Brady.

It’s not at all hyperbole to say that Cam Newton hasn’t put a foot down wrong since arriving to the Patriots ahead of training camp. Has he missed some throws and made a few poor reads on running plays through the first two games? Absolutely, but no quarterback in the NFL has been flawless.

The bottom line is that Newton has checked all of the boxes in the wake of inking a one-year contract for the veteran minimum. Whether it be his health, refined throwing mechanics or willingness to listen to the Patriots’ coaching staff, everything about the former MVP’s attitude has been sensational.

That’s not to say we didn’t think Newton was capable of doing so, but it’s just been a pleasure to watch it all unfold over the last few months, after so many media members were adamant in declaring he would never fit with head coach Bill Belichick or in the Patriots culture.

Not only has the 31-year-old quarterback made all of those loudmouths look moronic, but his overall professionalism, coupled with his dynamism on the gridiron, prove that he’s a better fit for the 2020 Patriots roster than Tom Brady. Fans will absolutely love these quotes from Newton’s latest interview with WEEI radio.

What was that we were saying about Newton treading properly at every step? We mean no disrespect to the six-time champion, but not even Brady is capable of fitting in quite this well, especially over the last few seasons, during which there was reportedly growing tension between him and Bill Belichick.

Later in the interview, Newton was asked about the rumors which have claimed the Patriots are in the market for a wide receiver ahead of the 2020 trade deadline. To nobody’s surprise, his answer was once again perfect, as he asserted that he’s wholly content with the team’s current assortment of talent.

The former No. 1 overall pick’s performance against Seattle on Sunday night — in which he finished 30-of-44 for a career-high 397 yards and a touchdown toss — proves that he isn’t just feeding the media what it wants to hear.

Nobody’s saying that Brady would have been cryptically hinting that a blockbuster trade was necessary for the offense to take that next step, but the 14-time Pro Bowler reportedly wasn’t the most bullish player in New England’s locker room over the last couple seasons. Imagine him hyping up his wide receiver talent like this at any point over the past several years? N’Keal Harry was essentially invisible when he joined the Pats’ rotation midway through the 2019 campaign.

Now, he’s one of Newton’s most encouraged go-to guys.

Again, this stance is more of a compliment to Newton than it is a slight to Brady, but it really speaks volumes that it’s only taken the Auburn product two games to prove that he’s a better fit for a 2020 Patriots team based on marginal weaponry, innovative offense, and plain old good vibes than the franchise legend.

This young team needs a leader who is both humble and grateful, not demanding and ruthless, and following his unceremonious release from Carolina, Newton evidently checks those all-important boxes.