Patriots: Cam Newton just gave us a mental image of Bill Belichick we never expected

Cam Newton #1 of the New England Patriots talks with head coach Bill Belichick (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Cam Newton #1 of the New England Patriots talks with head coach Bill Belichick (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Patriots QB Cam Newton gave us a mental picture of head coach Bill Belichick that we seriously could have done without.

We normally refrain from telling fans to feel encouraged following a loss, but that is exactly how Patriots Nation should be feeling after the team’s heartbreaking defeat to Seattle on Sunday night, as quarterback Cam Newton delivered a vintage performance.

For the game, he finished 30-of-44 for a career-high 397 yards and one passing touchdown, adding a team-high 47 yards and two scores on 11 carries with his legs. On a different night or against a different opponent, those numbers result in a Patriots win. If he goes right at the game’s end instead of left, same situation.

The bottom line is that the former MVP’s showing through the first two games of the season have proved that all of the folks who thought he wouldn’t fit with head coach Bill Belichick were dead wrong. Not only as he adopted the famed “Patriot Way” without a hitch, but the organization has also had zero problem with his unpredictable, for lack of a better term, game day attire.

Speaking of which, during Newton’s video conference with reporters on Tuesday, he made some “out of context” comments about his contract incentives. To avoid spoiling the amazing quote, let’s just say that the 31-year-old quarterback gave us a mental picture of Belichick we could have gone the rest of our lives without.

We wanted anything but to picture that, but we simply couldn’t help ourselves once we read Newton’s quote. Imagine, for a second, Belichick, whose wardrobe during the NFL season varies from cutoff sweatshirts to winter jackets once the weather gets cold, decked out in some of the three-time Pro Bowler’s most outlandish outfits.

These, of course, would include Newton’s famous feather hat, assortment of scarves, shoes and color-coordinated suits. We would be doing the former No. 1 overall pick a disservice by failing to mention his mixed bag of glasses, sweaters and bandanas, which have just as good of a chance to be wrapped around his neck as they do his head.

However, in reference to Newton’s sharp-looking suit for Week 2 against Seattle, Belichick might not look unrecognizable in all of his quarterback’s outfits.

Maybe the 68-year-old is past looking spiffy at this point in his legendary coaching career, but we could definitely see him rocking an all-grey suit back in the day. The vest and flashy shoes might be a stretch, but beggars can’t be choosers.

For any Patriots fans counting down the days until Sunday’s Week 3 clash against Las Vegas, well, you can now spend your free time photoshopping Belichick’s face (and body) in pictures of Newton’s outfit catalog, which is ALL over the internet.