Patriots: Devin McCourty and teammates pay tribute to James White after pick-six

Patriots safety Devin McCourty (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)
Patriots safety Devin McCourty (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images) /

Patriots’ Devin McCourty scored a touchdown and immediately showed love for James White.

The New England Patriots were crushed with terrible news late on Sunday when the team found out James White’s father, Tyrone White Sr., had passed away in a car accident. White’s mother was also involved in the crash and she’s currently in critical condition. White was a last-minute inactive and we knew the Pats would be playing with heavy hearts.

And they got off to a fast start against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football. After Greg Olsen let a Russell Wilson pass slip through his hands, Devin McCourty swooped in, picked it off, and returned it for a touchdown on the game’s opening drive.

That made it 7-0 Patriots, but that was hardly the best part. McCourty and a number of other defenders paid tribute to White on the broadcast while celebrating the TD.

The ultimate show of support. White, who had the option to fly back to Miami (that’s where his parents were involved in the crash) tonight on Robert Kraft’s private jet, declined to remain in Seattle and fly back with his teammates. If he’s watching, he’ll know the boys are battling for him every single down.

After that, though the Patriots gave up a touchdown on the next drive, Cam Newton and the offense responded with a score on a methodical drive of their own to regain the lead. White would certainly be proud to see the team flying all over the field with such tremendous energy.

White has been part of the Patriots family since 2014 and he’s one of the key cogs that makes the offense so successful. The dual-threat running back is much more of a contributor in the receiving game, but he also averages 4.1 yards per carry for his career. He does it all, and he deserves nothing but a win and all the backing in the world from his teammates.