Patriots: Dolphins DE claps back at Cam Newton over ‘chain’ Instagram

Dolphins DE Shaq Lawson clapped back at Cam Newton over his “chain” post on Instagram after Sunday’s game.

For any Patriots fans who were having trouble warming up to the idea of Cam Newton being the team’s starting quarterback, well, we seriously hope that his debut performance on Sunday changed your opinions of him.

Not only did the 31-year-old stud lead the Patriots to a comfortable 21-11 over Miami to open the season, but he was already making enemies with several Dolphins players. How can you not love that?

Newton and multiple members of Miami’s defense got into a scrum as the closing seconds ran off the clock. Video appeared to show defensive tackle Christian Wilkins ripping the former MVP’s chain off his neck during a heated verbal altercation. After the game, Newton took to Instagram in awesome fashion by flaming the Dolphins for trying to “snatch” his chain after coming up on the losing side.

As expected, this post prompted a response from a Miami defender, pass rusher Shaq Lawson, who clapped back at the Patriots quarterback in the comment section.

Amazingly enough, Lawson wasn’t the only Dolphin who was salty about being unable to stop Newton. Rookie defensive lineman Raekwon Davis jumped into the three-time Pro Bowler’s comments with a caption that was almost identical to that of his teammate.

Like Lawson’s response, Davis’ also contained some NSFW language.

You know what wasn’t weak? The way Newton was running all over the Dolphins‘ supposed “good” defense, totaling 75 yards on 15 carries (5.0 YPC) and two touchdowns. He was also incredibly efficient through the air when he needed to be, completing 15 of 19 pass attempts for 155 yards.

Newton and the Patriots’ offense controlled the tempo of the game, and it seems like the Dolphins are a little shaken up that they let a supposed “washed up” gunslinger have a field day against them.

Video evidence literally shows Wilkins grabbing at the neck area of Newton’s jersey, so the fact that Lawson and Davis are vehemently defending their teammate is hilarious, even if it is to be expected. The bottom line is that we’re only one game into the campaign and Newton is clearly already living rent free in the minds of a handful of Dolphins players.