Patriots: Cam Newton’s Week 1 outfit and hype video are incredible

Patriots QB Cam Newton is ready to go for Week 1, ladies and gents.

You guys want the trailer for Cam Newton’s upcoming 2020 season with the New England Patriots? The man himself has it for you, just in time for kickoff.

In case you needed some backstory, Newton was released by the Carolina Panthers this offseason and spent 86 nights as a free agent before Bill Belichick came knocking and signed him to succeed Tom Brady. Admittedly, Newton likely bypassed a ton of unfavorable situations with other teams.

Forget about the pressure of taking over for Brady after his 20 years in Foxborough. Newton, a competitor through and through, would much rather deal with that than, say, be a stopgap QB for the Miami Dolphins. Here’s a little preview of what he’s ready to bring to the Pats:

Did you think the criticism and doubt stopped after he signed with New England? After having to hear about being a distraction, injury-prone, past his prime, and so on and so forth, the chatter continued to focus on whether his “character” would be a fit with Belichick.

“Cam likes to showboat and talk a lot. That’s not going to fly with Bill. Cam likes to wear funky outfits during his postgame pressers. Think that’s going to fly in the locker room?”

Well, yeah, we do. The Patriots are in need of a vocal leader and Newton has proven to be that over the course of his collegiate and NFL career, regardless of what he’s wearing or what dance he decides to choreograph in preparation for his touchdown celebrations.

And, if you liked that, you’re going to LOVE the look Cam sported as he arrived at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.

The swag. It’s absolutely impenetrable.

Take it away, Cam. You’re the X-factor for the Patriots this year. And the key will be Belichick allowing Newton to be himself, because his personality is the reason he’s a former MVP and national champion.

Dance, celebrate, run your mouth. Show the world why it was a mistake the rest of the NFL allowed you to be a free agent for 86 nights.

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