Patriots: Watch ESPN analyst steal Mike Greenberg’s soul with Cam Newton prediction

ESPN’s Domonique Foxworth thinks Patriots QB Cam Newton will win the MVP, and Mike Greenberg needs some time off.

ESPN, and the NFL viewing public at large, has been presented with a conundrum this offseason: Is Cam Newton so likable that he makes the Patriots impossible to hate?

In the wake of the addition of the free-wheeling Newton to Pats camp, the mood has been notoriously light in New England, and extremely perplexed elsewhere. The Patriots are having fun. Analysts other than Jim Nantz enjoy them now. Cam fans are stuck rooting for a dynasty. It’s all been one wild trip.

But even with an entire summer to prepare us, we were still left floored when we heard ESPN’s Domonique Foxworth be so bold as to pick Cam Newton for his 2020 MVP, live on Get Up Thursday morning.

Watching notorious Jets fan Mike Greenberg recoil in horror was great here, too. Yes, Greeny, the Patriots really might’ve just done it to you again! Not sorry about it, either!

Personally, we’ve always sort of felt that the ceiling for Newton this season was a bit more like his 2017 campaign, when he nearly led the Panthers to a playoff upset in New Orleans. But we’ll certainly take the level up!

As Foxworth puts it:

“The MVP award is always about narrative. Obviously, statistics count, but the narrative of Cam Newton coming back and going to that team and prevailing, having success in an offense that Tom Brady couldn’t succeed in last year, without any other major additions. They’ve added Cam Newton. He’s gonna be special. They’re gonna win the division.”

Hey, any time you can add a former (and apparently, potentially, current!) MVP for chump change, you’ve got to do it.

He’s No. 1 in your programs, No. 1 in your hearts, and potentially No. 1 in the league, according to ESPN of all places.

Sure, it’s a bold prediction, but what about existing in 2020 isn’t bold? Embrace it, go with it, beat the Bills twice, and snag the MVP.

Come back here when it’s done.