Patriots: Boomer Esiason has terrible take on Cam Newton-led Pats

CBS NFL analyst Boomer Esiason made some bold claims about Cam Newton and the Patriots.

If anybody has a hunch as to what WFAN radio host Boomer Esiason has against Cam Newton, please fill us in, because we’re having trouble wrapping our minds around why he consistently belittles the New England Patriots quarterback.

Approximately two weeks ago — when the Patriots’ supposed QB competition was still all the rage at training camp — he claimed that Jarrett Stidham would win the starting job over Newton.

The former MVP has since been named the starting gunslinger and a team captain. However, that didn’t stop Esiason from not only proclaiming that he still doesn’t love Newton’s fit with the Patriots, but that the reigning AFC East champs are also a team in the midst of a ‘major’ rebuild, which we’re not hearing from anyone else.

Everybody’s obviously entitled to their opinion, but it’s downright alarming that the CBS NFL analyst’s opinion on Newton hasn’t swayed despite there being a mountain of evidence to persuade him to change things up.

How little conviction does Esiason have in the 31-year-old superstar? Well, let’s just say he implied that Newton won the job because Stidham went down with an injury. He also wouldn’t be surprised if the three-time Pro Bowler is benched at some point in the season.

“The bottom line is Stidham got hurt, Cam got in there and they are paying him no money whatsoever,” Esiason said during an appearance on The Greg Hill Show. “I don’t think he’s that accurate on third down. I think if he turns the football over that is when a change could come.”

“I think it is one of the more fascinating stories in the league – the Patriots basically with 19 players missing from last year’s squad are basically going through a major rebuild. We all know it. Between the opt outs, between the free agency  losses, Rob Gronkowski coming back to play with Tom Brady down in Tampa, this is going to be one interesting year for Coach Belichick.”

If Cam in New England was such a terrible fit, why would a former NFL executive believe that the franchise is already considering offering him a contract extension? We get that Newton has to prove he can stay healthy, but the lack of respect he’s received from media loudmouths (especially Esiason) since he arrived for camp has been mostly unwarranted.

We haven’t even acknowledged Boomer’s “rebuild” comment, but we’ll say that the Patriots signing Newton and refusal to trade Stephon Gilmore confirms they intend to compete in 2020 and potentially beyond.

You’d better believe that Newton will use these comments as even more motivation to silence his critics this season. It feels great to say we are just four days away from watching him take his suppressed rage out on opposing defenses.

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