Patriots: Cam Newton says concern over ‘fit’ in NE was racially motivated

Patriots QB Cam Newton addressed the concerns about his “fit” in New England.

When the New England Patriots signed Cam Newton late in the offseason, it was immediately speculated how he would fit into the organization’s culture, better known as the “Patriot Way.”

In hindsight, these scorching takes bordered on an offensive knee-jerk, and proved how reluctant the local media was to let go of Tom Brady, who left in free agency after a 20-year run under center.

Despite a clear overlap in motivations, rarely was it surmised that Newton and cutthroat head coach Bill Belichick could bring out the best in each other.

As it turns out, the former MVP took these headlines personal and made some eye-opening claims about them during an emotional interview with WEEI on Monday.

“Honestly? We going honest? It is because I’m a Black athlete, a quarterback, that for a long time, I’ve been unapologetic,” Newton said. “It’s because I have carried myself in a way that the media hasn’t gave me my just due. But yet at the same time, I do understand that and I don’t have no type of resentment toward that. I embrace who I am, I embrace the moment. I live in the moment. One of the quotes I live by is carpe diem.”

“I think the narrative coming here was kind of stereotypical to an unjust eye; ‘We heard this about Cam. We heard that. He’s a prima donna. He’s this and that.’ But when you really put a microscope to who I really am, there is a lot of favoritism that has not been favorable for my benefit,” he continued.

If these quotes don’t make Patriots fans (if they weren’t already) instantly root for Newton, then we don’t know what will. The fact that he’s thrived during training camp amid these alleged racially-induced concerns speaks volumes to his mentality, which was also disparaged upon his arrival for being weak and unable to withstand criticism.

The 31-year-old gunslinger has done nothing but put his head down and grind since arriving for camp, albeit with an occasional dancing routine when a song he likes comes on during practice, but who doesn’t love that?

All he’s done since then was win the starting quarterback job and be named a team captain for the season. Newton has received glowing reviews from Belichick, who noted that he’s normally the first player to arrive at the facility and often the last to leave.

There’s really nothing more satisfying than a player serving up a dish of humble pie to reactionary media members, and you’d better believe that we’re backing Newton to continue doing so once he takes the field for the first time in a Patriots uniform this Sunday.