Patriots: Leonard Fournette is a classic Bill Belichick project

Bill Belichick wouldn’t stack the Patriots backfield with the recently-released Leonard Fournette…would he?

The New England Patriots, flush with cap space, are probably entertaining a last-minute union with Jadeveon Clowney as we speak, whose demands have dropped from $20 million to “Patriots steal range” in a matter of weeks.

But there’s plenty of cash to go around, thanks to grievances won, opt outs, and wise management.

So, even though the backfield is full (after the addition of Lamar Miller, too), Sony Michel is making practice cameos, and Damien Harris is breaking out, what are the odds Bill Belichick goes all LeGarrette Blount on us and picks up disgruntled former No. 4 overall pick Leonard Fournette?

Just 2.5 years after he stomped into Foxborough with the Jags and nearly pushed Jacksonville to the Super Bowl, his time in Florida has expired.

It doesn’t make all that much sense on the surface, but it’s a tough package to pass up, especially when you’ve got the cap space to make it happen.

And, after all, is New England’s stacked backfield really invasion-proof? Rex Burkhead was brought back as a courtesy; Michel has only recently begun to return to normalcy, but he took a big step back in Year 2, regardless of health; White will always be a constant, and would barely ever come into contact with any new bruiser.

How much do the Patriots really believe in Damien Harris? Just playing devil’s advocate here.

The Pats could sit on their cash pile and be just fine here … or, they could put the finishing touches on dismantling a young AFC “rival” that many saw as New England’s heir apparent in January 2018.

It all boils down to whether Belichick is confident in Michel’s full recovery, as well as whether he believes Fournette is a true-talent top-of-the-first-round pick or Trent Richardson.

Whether you love Fournette or not, you must admit that his attitude and behavioral issues factored into this quick divorce. Belichick remains the foremost authority at eliminating those things by creating a hard-working environment.

We’ll be Blount; it won’t happen, but it could be glorious.