Patriots: Tom Brady shows off amazing transformation with Pats throwback pic

Former Patriots QB Tom Brady showed off his amazing transformation.

Even Patriots haters should be envious of how well Tom Brady has aged over the years. Not only has his play under center been perennially consistent, but his facial features seemingly get more defined and fetching as he gets older.

We’ve all seen the video that shows the 43-year-old quarterback’s astonishing transformation from his rookie season to present day, but he felt the need to take to social media to remind his followers of that mind-boggling spectacle.

In the first photo, Brady can be seen — presumably early on in his career — in pretty questionable shape carrying helmets at a Patriots practice. The second, however, shows the three-time MVP much leaner and ripped…while grinding at training camp with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If we knew nothing about football and you told us the second photo was the same person but 20 years older, we probably would have laughed in your face. It’s crazy to think how well the TB12 method has worked.

Of course, the lifestyle was instilled by Brady and his entourage of trainers after his first several seasons in the NFL to help boost his career longevity. When you consider that he’s approaching his mid-40s and is only two years removed from his last Super Bowl victory and MVP award, it’s safe to say the method has been a success.

Brady was obviously in outstanding shape in his last season in New England — and we’re approximately five months removed from his departure — but it still stings seeing him look this good in a different uniform.

The 14-time Pro Bowler is clearly out to prove something with the Buccaneers, whose season will be regarded as championship or bust after landing him as a free agent. We’d by lying if we said we weren’t wishing him success in this new chapter.

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