Patriots: Bill Belichick finally discussed Cam Newton and compared him to lacrosse star

Bill Belichick, New England Patriots. (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots. (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

Bill Belichick talked Patriots QB Cam Newton for the very first time during a lacrosse broadcast. Of course he did.

No, Bill Belichick has not formally discussed the likely new starting quarterback of the New England Patriots, a man named Cam Newton, even though it’s been several weeks since the team officially announced the signing.

But it’s no problem — he’s got better things to do. Like, crash NBC’s broadcast of a professional lacrosse game this weekend.

Luckily, while doing that, Coach Belichick finally addressed the Newton signing in the way he knows best: attempting to compare Newton to one of the lax stars on the field.

During Saturday’s PLL matchup between the Whipsnakes and the Redwoods, Belichick interrupted what we’re sure is a heated rivalry (?) to talk Newton. As expected, he chose not to say much at all.

“Cam Newton looks like (Redwoods star) Myles Jones to me,” Belichick said. “He’s fast. He’s big. He’d be a tough guy to match up against. He could run by them.”

“He could run through those stick checks, and he’d have a tough — with the stick work — a tough overhand shot, so I think those tall, long guys really have a big advantage of being able to change the angle of their shots and still be able to run through some guys.”

It’s almost embarrassingly Patriots that this happened, but we’re pleased to inform you that all this absolutely did take place, just as you probably dreamed it would. Also, what are we waiting for? Sign Myles Jones!!

The full interview is below, in which Belichick goes a little more in-depth into his obsession with lacrosse players, and why such multi-faceted athletes always seem to end up on the Patriots (hello, Chris Hogan!).

Unfortunately, Belichick only gave us a taste, essentially reiterating that Newton is, well, large and talented.

We’ll have to wait for a more formal presser in the coming weeks to address the intricacies of Newton’s forthcoming showdown with Jarrett Stidham, but this was too delightfully wild not to address. Thank goodness this actually happened.

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