Patriots: Tom Brady trolls Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill over ‘Dynasty’ talk

Former Patriots QB Tom Brady wants Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs to slow their roll.

The Kansas City Chiefs are very, very good at football. They’ve locked Patrick Mahomes up for the foreseeable future, found financial room for Chris Jones, too, and have a cabinet full of speed demon offensive weapons. They’re also still not even within range of the prestige of the last two decades of Patriots football.

Can’t knock the Chiefs for having lofty goals, though.

Tyreek Hill spoke out in the wake of Mahomes signing his gigantic deal, and went all-out in predicting the next stages of his team’s budding dynasty. Clearly, he’s trying to get to the level of the modern Patriots.

Gee, uh, that…that sounds tough, Tyreek. It’s tough to even get in that seven-ring atmosphere. Presumably, no one’s ever done that, or gotten close.

Oh, wait a second. One man is just about at that level, and he’s continuing that pursuit of No. 7 this fall in Tampa.

Tom Brady, any thoughts on this matter?


Not trying to take anything away from Hill (OK, maybe trying to take a little away from him), but we can have this conversation when you hit three or four rings. One singular title? Nah, dude. Just not worth our time.

The Chiefs did possibly halt New England’s next dynasty with these high-dollar machinations, though. After all, why would a future Tom Brady ever continually take less to win with the Patriots when he’s just watched KC manage to lock down their core at high dollar amounts in the present and future?

But nothing the Chiefs are theoretically doing to the Future Pats can ever undo what Brady and the dynastic Patriots already did for an extremely long time. It’s not that easy, Tyreek. Get in line behind TB12.