Patriots: reporters hassle Cam Newton upon arrival at Logan Airport

New England Patriots QB Cam Newton, getting ready to dab (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
New England Patriots QB Cam Newton, getting ready to dab (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

Cam Newton of the Patriots ran into a “live” interview he didn’t want at Logan Airport.

Worried about how Cam Newton will handle the increased media scrutiny that comes with playing for the Patriots? Well, he just handled his first test at Logan Airport with flying colors.

Newton has always been a favorite target of the media, with his outlandish postgame attire and flashy style leading to unnecessary criticism from the over-60 set. Naturally, some local camera crews found him immediately after he landed in Boston and barely had his bearings.

Despite apparently assuring him he didn’t have to talk, the 7News Boston crew surprised Newton by revealing he was live on air. Suddenly stuck in an incredibly annoying situation (though one you simply have to anticipate, as a QB of his caliber), Newton nailed his response, minding his own business while still being cordial.

Yes, Newton did say he’s “ecstatic” to be in New England, but also said, “No disrespect to anyone,” while declining to speak further.

Were you worried he was going to land in the middle of a firestorm and go off in every direction? Nope. Newton’s not insane. You don’t have to spend a full semester at the School of Bill Belichick to get the basic tenets of the program.

This is, however, a prime example of one of the small ways the Boston media can needle its athletes. Would reporters with cameras bother prominent athletes landing at the airport in every city? Sure.

Would they then ambush that athlete by putting them live on air, even after they declined to talk? Probbbbbbably not.

Bottom line, this live report brought us no new information about Newton. Even if it had gone well, what’s the best-case scenario for a quote here? “I’m excited to play for the Patriots”? Well, we got that. Pack it up. Job well done.

Cam aced this test, but be honest with yourself: Did he really need to?

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