The 8 coolest New England Patriots jerseys you can get right now

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The New England Patriots have a long history of awesome uniforms. Here are the 8 coolest jerseys you can buy right now to add to your collection.

Every New England Patriots fan needs at least one jersey in their collection. But, between you and us, we all know that just one jersey doesn’t cut it.

You need home jerseys, away jerseys, alternate jerseys.

You need your favorite players of yesteryear and today.

We’re here to help. We’ve been looking around for the eight coolest jerseys you can order right now. Let’s get to it.

Reader’s Note: We’ve listed the items at their regular pricing, but Fanatics runs promos almost every day – meaning there’s plenty of cash to be saved.

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1. Stephon Gilmore New England Patriots Nike Game Jersey ($99.99)

The Gilly Lock is the best cornerback in football. Man coverage, zone coverage, it doesn’t matter. He’s going to lock down the best receivers in the NFL.

Get your Stephon Gilmore jersey at Fanatics.

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2. Julian Edelman New England Patriots Nike Alternate Vapor Limited Jersey ($149.99)

Since Tom Brady left, it seems that all of New England is in agreement that Julian Edelman is “Mr. Patriot.”

A tough, gritty, clutch player who rarely makes mistakes.

That’s how you become No. 1 in every fan’s heart.

Get your Julian Edelman jersey at Fanatics.

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3. Dont’a Hightower New England Patriots Nike Team Game Jersey ($99.99)

We know that so many people were hoping for silver alternates, but the new Patriots white jerseys look sharp.

Maybe next year when we write this we’ll have a silver entry.

Get your Dont’a Hightower jersey at Fanatics. 

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4. James White New England Patriots Nike Player Game Jersey ($69.99)

We were all ready for a new Pats jersey, but that doesn’t mean that the previous iteration was bad by any stretch.

Not many teams have a jersey with a near 20-year run.

Plus, right now, you can get them a little cheaper. So why not pick up a jersey of the man who ended the miraculous Super Bowl comeback?

Get your James White jersey at Fanatics.

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5. Drew Bledsoe New England Patriots Mitchell & Ness Legacy Replica Jersey ($149.99)

Tom Brady is the GOAT, but don’t ever forget how big of a role Drew Bledsoe played in the Patriots dynasty.

Bledsoe came in for an injured Brady in the 2002 AFC Championship Game and defeated the Steelers, securing a Super Bowl berth.

Plus, these retro jerseys are awesome. So it will make a great addition to the closet.

Get your Drew Bledsoe jersey at Fanatics.

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6. Cam Newton New England Patriots Nike Game Jersey ($99.99)

While we’re talking about quarterbacks, we might as well talk about the former MVP Cam Newton.

Technically, he’s not guaranteed to be the starter, but c’mon. If Cam is healthy, Cam is going to start.

And he’s going to play well, too. So get on the train while you can.

Get your Cam Newton jersey at Fanatics.

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7. John Hannah New England Patriots NFL Pro Line Retired Player Replica Jersey ($99.99)

John Hannah was a mauler of a guard and was rewarded for his play by being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

This retro jersey would make a great throwback look on gameday.

Get your John Hannah retro jersey at Fanatics.

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8. New England Patriots Nike Custom Game Jersey ($149.99)

Want to feel like a member of the team? Or maybe your favorite player doesn’t have jersey listed (we feel your pain, offensive linemen).

Then you’re going to want a custom Pats jersey. Slap whatever name and number you want on it.

Get your customized Patriots jersey at Fanatics.

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