Patriots: Felger and Mazz Have Very Expected Take on Cam Newton Signing

New England Patriots QB Cam Newton, getting ready to dab (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
New England Patriots QB Cam Newton, getting ready to dab (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger and Mazz delivered the exact take you were waiting for on the Cam Newton signing.

The New England Patriots took a calculated risk this week adding Cam Newton to their QB room. Whether he booms or busts, it’s hard to fault Bill Belichick for offering $7.5 million (maximum!) to a recent NFL MVP.

This is neither a referendum on Cam as a person and a loud requirement that he change his ways, nor is it a sign that Belichick has loosened up in any way. It’s simply a value play.

But that reality didn’t stop Felger & Mazz from getting into a debate on Tuesday about what Newton’s celebrating might look like with the Patriots, and how Felger hopes that Coach Belichick cracks the whip and keeps his own QB in line.

“How ’bout culture?!” Felger squeaks to start the clip, before wondering if Newton will still be allowed to dab and do the “Superman” after touchdowns, provided he starts.

“I think Bill’s gonna give him a little latitude on that one,” Mazz chimes in.

“I hope he doesn’t,” Felger brusquely intones. “I like that about the Patriots. I like that they don’t ride each other like ponies after touchdowns.”

This is, of course, the debate all Patriots haters assumed that New England radio personalities would have regarding Newton’s antics, and it will likely continue with every bit of success he has. “Sure, he won the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead on a last-second scramble, but did he have to scream while he did it?”

Nevermind that Tom Brady was a vaunted screamer, whose, “Let’s GO!” intonations before games and after touchdowns riled up the Foxborough crowd with regularity. No, for some, Newton doesn’t deserve special treatment just because he’s the quarterback, and should be disciplined by the Hoodie for shows of emotion. Forget, for a second, that the last guy famously showed emotion. Water under the bridge.

At one point, Mazz simply asks Felger in the clip above how he’d feel if he saw Newton celebrating, untempered. “That would piss me off,” Felger intoned.

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Such exaltation would certainly make Patriots haters feel the same way, though — since it would indicate a Pats touchdown.

We’d rather have the, “How happy can Cam Newton be with his own success?” debate, rather than deal with the, “Is Jarrett Stidham good?” conversation any day, though. Let’s see how camp plays out.