Patriots: Tom Brady Awkwardly Hopped Into Comments of Julian Edelman’s IG Welcome to Cam Newton

Tom Brady still has time for Julian Edelman on Instagram.

Cam Newton is the new man in the Patriots QB room, and no matter what your expectations are for the former MVP’s comeback, it’s clear his presence will provide an impressive new wrinkle in the team’s plans. If he “proves it” as much as his incentive-laden deal is asking him too, he might price himself out of New England in the coming weeks.

And if he falters, it’s no harm, no foul — especially with Tom Brady long departed by now.

Ahh, yes, Tom Brady. Hey, whatever happened to that guy, anyway?

Julian Edelman, half of the long-time bromance with our former QB, welcomed his new teammate Newton to the team as only he can: adopting Cam’s lingo for a celebratory Instagram post.

Cute! Also, these Cam Newton photoshops continue to be incredibly impressive. Is that what took so long to get this deal inked, even though no other teams offered a contract? Everyone was fine-tuning their photoshop skills?

Regardless, this newfound paradise didn’t last too long before Brady had to barge in and break it up with a reminder of the past.

That’s what the block button’s for, Jules! We can’t keep having this guy creep into your comment section like nothing’s changed!

We kid, of course — Newton’s probably a transitional option for the Patriots who should win the starting gig if everything holds up properly, but he’s not the future of the Pats. And this reminder of a bygone era, innocent as it may seem, definitely hit us hard, and doubled down on the idea that a seamless next step is far from certain.

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In New England’s eyes, Brady really always will be No. 1. Hopefully, that bias doesn’t linger in the locker room, further complicating a nearly-impossible transition process.

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