Winning percentage breakdown proves why Patriots dominate every year

The New England Patriots dominate every month on the calendar annually. Any questions?

It’s tough to dethrone the king when the king doesn’t falter at any point during the calendar year. And you wonder why Patriots fans are confident in any weather?

Though the Pats have carried a general vibe of invincibility for the entirety of the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick Era, it’s certainly refreshing to see some numbers that absolutely rub in their sheer dominance.

Think you can get the Patriots‘ GOAT early in the season? You can’t. What about while they’re resting players after clinching a playoff berth? Nah. New England has the highest winning percentage in all four months of the NFL season since 2001, and no other franchise even approaches this level.

Congrats to the Steelers, who are a distant second in two of the four months. That’s cute? That’s almost something?

But, as any Pats fan who’s ever seen the Steelers on their schedule come December can tell you, there’s a big difference between the top dog and the runners-up.

“Well, what about when the calendar turns to January?!” some fans inevitably just bleated. “That’s when things REALLY count!” If you’ve watched the NFL since 2000, anonymous straw-fan, you’d know New England is a ridiculous 29-11 in the postseason during the same time frame. Naturally.

Doubt Bill Belichick at your own peril — though TB12 was undoubtedly a central figure in this run, the entire organization needs to be in line to exert this amount of dominance month in and month out for so long.

Tom Brady has recently expressed the idea that football is “fun” again to him now that he’s a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We’d posit that it’s also pretty fun to be the most dominant team in the NFL for two decades, across all swaths of the calendar.

But who’s to say?