Mohamed Sanu looks ready and recovered after ankle surgery

After an inauspicious start to his New England Patriots career, wide receiver Mohamed Sanu Sr. is looking for a bounceback campaign in 2020.

By any metric, Mohamed Sanu Sr.’s debut season with the New England Patriots was … not good.

I stopped just short of saying “a disaster” because it’s important to remember context.

Antonio Brown’s debut “season” with the Patriots — which lasted all of one game — was a disaster, despite the fact that Brown played well that game down in Miami. His subsequent dismissal from the team and all the other drama and baggage he brought with him to Foxborough made his brief tenure as a Patriot disastrous.

No, Sanu’s first Patriots season could better be described as subpar, underwhelming, and disappointing. Similar to the seasons had by Josh Gordon, N’Keal Harry, Sony Michel, Tom Brady, and pretty much the entire offensive line and tight end groups in 2019, Sanu did not have a good year overall.

If there’s a silver lining or bit of good news and positivity as it relates specifically to Sanu, however, it probably lies in two facts.

Fact #1: Sanu injured his ankle in his third game with the team and reportedly played hurt for the rest of the season.

Fact #2: Sanu joined New England in Week 8, pretty much exactly at the midway point of the season. He missed out on an entire offseason’s worth of training programs, team bonding, training camp, etc.

Because Sanu was a late addition to the Patriots — and because he promptly got injured — it does give him somewhat of a pass for his mediocre performance down the stretch last year. Sure, he’s still a veteran who was in his eighth NFL season, so yes — he probably shouldn’t have had that hard a time getting on the same page as Brady and the rest of the New England offense.

Still, the Patriots offense is notoriously difficult and complex. It stands to reason that even for a 30-year-old like Sanu, there’s going to be some growing pains.

Sanu now has the benefit of an entire offseason to work with Jarrett Stidham, the presumed new starting QB for the Patriots, as well as his other teammates and coaches. Granted, this offseason already looks different because of the pandemic, but at least he knows what team he’s on and who he’s going to be playing with and against as of now.

If recent video evidence is any indication, Mohamed Sanu Sr. is ready to go

Furthermore, Sanu looks like he’s completely recovered from the surgery he had to repair his injured ankle. Take a look at this impressive video shared to his social media, courtesy of the RouteKing’s Twitter account:

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That video is impressive to watch at sheer face value.

Taking into consideration that the star of the video (Sanu) just had surgery on his ankle not too long ago, however, makes it all the more impressive and incredible that he’s already moving like that in June.

It’s an encouraging development for New England Patriots fans hoping he’ll make a greater impact during his second season — and hopefully his first full season — with the franchise.




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