Patriots predicted to get 3 compensatory picks in 2021 NFL Draft

The New England Patriots can expect a decent haul of compensatory picks in the 2020 NFL Draft for the net loss of qualifying free agents, according to the latest reports.

Three things in life are generally true: death, taxes and the New England Patriots seemingly regularly accruing compensatory picks in each year’s NFL Draft.

In the 2020 draft, New England had four such selections. And after a net loss of qualifying free agents on the open market, it looks like the Pats will have more comp picks at their disposal for the 2021 NFL Draft, too.

The folks over at Over the Cap assembled a list for all 32 teams, breaking down predicted compensatory picks for each squad based on a number of factors. Those factors work their way into a formula, which the NFL hasn’t ever released. So for now, the predictions for each team are just that, predictions.

Still, salary is one of the biggest determining factors, particularly the new deal a player signs when joining a new team.

From OTC’s vantage point, the three players who would help the Patriots qualify for what looks to be a total of three compensatory picks are:

  • Quarterback Tom Brady — $25,000,000 average annual salary
  • Linebacker Kyle Van Noy — $12,750,000 average annual salary
  • Linebacker Jamie Collins — $10,000,000 average annual salary

Those salaries are then ranked by predicted tiers, and it shouldn’t be a shock Brady’s departure to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers commands what’ll likely be a third-round comp pick.

Van Noy and Collins’ respective departures are predicted to generate fourth-round comp picks.

New England lost two other players who could have qualified, defensive tackle Danny Shelton and offensive guard Ted Karras. But those qualifiers were negated by the Patriots signing defensive back Adrian Phillips and defensive tackle Beau Allen.

Currently, the Pats own each one of their picks in every round of the 2021 NFL Draft, plus the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys’ sixth-round picks, totaling nine selections. Tack on the anticipated three compensatory selections and head coach Bill Belichick should have 12 total picks at his disposal.

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The NFL will likely announce these picks in March of 2021.