Patriots news: Tom Brady ranked No. 2 in player sales in 2019

While he’s no longer with the New England Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady still received more than enough love from fans buying his merchandise last season.

It’s still going to sting watching New England Patriots games without quarterback Tom Brady under center. And it’s going to sting a little bit more watching him don a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey on game days.

That’s the reality of the situation, of course, yet it never hurts to go back and relive and cherish the many memories he created during his 20-year career with the Pats.

And it certainly seems as if the fans were buying in, literally.

The NFL Players Association just released its list of top 50 player sales from last season, spanning from the beginning of March in 2019 through the end of February this year. The list encompasses all officially licensed merchandise and swag from around the league during that particular timeframe.

Not shockingly and quite deservingly, Brady was No. 2 overall on the list.

No. 1 was Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, of course, who might eventually be the name to watch and represent the league once Brady finally elects to call it a career. And just behind Brady is another up-and-coming quarterback, the Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson, who only happened win the NFL MVP award in 2019.

Brady wasn’t the only player on the top 50 list, though. Wide receiver Julian Edelman managed to crack the top 20, coming in at No. 19 overall. And even though he retired before last season, tight end Rob Gronkowski rounded out the bottom crop of the list at No. 48.

Perhaps Gronk’s numerous television appearances and overwhelmingly entertaining personality help keep him in this notable spotlight.

Still, it’s quite the accolade to see Brady commanding top merchandise sales so deep into his career. And while it would have been awesome to see Brady round out his Patriots career as the No. 1 sales getter in the league last season, ranking this high isn’t anything to scoff at.

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Although, admittedly, it’s going to be odd seeing Brady Buccaneers merch sales likely land on the list a year from now.

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