Rob Gronkowski hosted wild WWE WrestleMania this weekend

Rob Gronkowski continued the latest chapter in his career as he hosted WWE WrestleMania in Orlando, Florida, this past weekend.

Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has had quite the last few months in the WWE.

After rumors circulated through the internet that the former All-Pro would be getting into the wrestling ring, his first order of business was hosting pro wrestling’s big event. After making an appearance on WWE Smackdown in March, he set his sights on WrestleMania down in Orlando, Florida.

For the first time ever, WrestleMania was a two-night event taking place on Saturday and Sunday, with Gronkowski as the special guest host of this history-making night.

This was a typical night for a celebrity who has the special task of hosting WWE’s big event, as he welcomed all of the members of the WWE Universe to WrestleMania. Gronkowski had said he knows exactly how to party and that the WWE picked the best host for the event — and he was right.

On Saturday, he was joined by his friend and fellow WWE superstar Mojo Rawley as they sat in the empty arena and watched a handful of the first matches. Things got interesting when 24/7 champion R-Truth was looking for a place to lay low for a while and decided to join Gronkowski and Rawley in what seemed to be an announcer’s booth platform.

The three-time Super Bowl champion was poised to add his first wrestling championship to his resume, but Rawley beat him to the punch. Gronkowski was not too happy, as he flashed a look of determination that Patriots fans have been accustomed to seeing for a decade.

Gronkowski was all smiles as he welcomed WWE fans to WrestleMania for the second night and was ready to help put on a terrific show for those watching at home. In an interview during the night, Gronkowski talked about how he was determined to leave WrestleMania a champion and was coming for the 24/7 championship.

Before he left the arena, Gronkowski took a leap of faith (literally) onto a group of WWE superstars and took them all out. He pinned Rawley to become the brand new 24/7 champion, then celebrated briefly before taking off — and he hasn’t been seen since.

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Now that he has officially joined WWE, won a championship, and is ready to keep this next chapter of his career going, it should be interesting to see where he goes from here.

I am a huge wrestling fan so I will be following Gronkowski as he continues his career in the WWE.


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