Scrap everything: Tom Brady says ‘nobody knows anything’ about decision

Former New England Patriots coach Charlie Weis said that Tom Brady texted him some important information regarding his future and free agency plans.

Tom Brady’s free agency has simultaneously been the most annoying and the most interesting part of the offseason. However, a new quote by the veteran QB implies all the speculation up to this point has been in vain.

Per Charlie Weis of SiriusXM NFL Radio, Brady texted him last week, “Nobody knows anything. So anyone who is telling you they know, they don’t know.” Further on, he revealed a more out-of-context quote, “Clean it up,” which seems to imply he wants random rumors to stop disseminating.

Bleacher Report’s Tyler Conway reported the Weis news.

These random rumors about Brady’s destination have been an unstoppable force since New England’s loss to the Tennessee Titans back in January. Any team that could use a better quarterback has been tapped in the “Could Tom Brady sign here?” rotation, including a couple teams that don’t even need a new one.

Does Brady’s “nobody knows anything” quote mean that no one’s been correct in their speculations? Probably not — that would only leave a few teams standing, and I doubt he’s signing with a team like Seattle or Kansas City. It does mean that if he has made up his mind, he’s told no one at all, perhaps except for his family.

It also means that he hasn’t left some sort of evidence that beat reporters have caught onto, including the reliable Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston, who’s been hunting leads on his decision for weeks. If Brady has indeed made up his mind and no one knows, that may point the needle slightly more in the “Brady stays on the Patriots” direction. Communication with other teams is tough to keep a lid on.

However, the other explanation for his quote is simpler: Nobody knows because Brady doesn’t know.

Sure, it feels like he’s had an eternity to figure it out, but the major factors of his decision have specific dates on them. Free agency period begins March 18th (at 4 pm EST, to be exact), at which point several teams will offer him lucrative contracts and attempt to outbid each other. Brady might have preferences in mind right now, but the smart thing to do is to just be patient and see what each suitor has to offer him when the time arrives.

The second important date is March 14th, which is when the other huge story of 2020 comes to a head: the players’ vote on the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement, or CBA. Whether passed or rejected, the end of that day could certainly sway Brady’s choice of team. If passed, the 2020 season may see enormous changes, including a 17-game schedule and a 14-game playoff bracket.

With two extra playoff spots, middling teams like Chicago and the L.A. Chargers look a little more inviting since a playoff appearance becomes more likely. A 17-game season could also be a difference-maker; with more time on the field at 43 years old, Brady may want to pick a team that leans on their running back like Tennessee.

In the worst outcome, the players reject the CBA, no agreement is made, and the 2020 season enters a lockout. We could be doomed to another full year of Tom Brady rumors.

With Brady’s “nobody knows anything” text, it looks like the QB is getting sick of the rumors himself. As long as this has dragged on, it’s still too early to report anything reliable, and it’s very possible that he himself doesn’t know what to choose. March 18th is the day to watch for — the day that could be the end of the speculation forever.

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There is, unfortunately, one more explanation behind Brady’s text. He could be lying. Whether it’s the new 49ers rumor or something else, perhaps a reporter caught on to Brady’s plans and the QB’s trying to squash any confidence in the story.

It’s just like Tom said: Nobody knows anything. Around the carousel we go.



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