Rumors: Tom Brady pressuring Patriots to add offensive weaponry

The latest intel around the league seems to suggest that Tom Brady is applying quite a bit of pressure on the New England Patriots to get him some help.

The closer and closer we get to March 18 — the official start of free agency — the more we should begin to discover just what exactly Tom Brady is looking for in his 2020 NFL team.

Some have theorized that he’s finally looking to land a hefty contract and get paid what he’s actually worth, considering he’s long made a habit of taking hometown discounts for the New England Patriots so the team can surround him with great players.

Others have suggested he wants to crystallize his status as being the driving force of the Patriots’ dynasty these past two decades, and the only way to do that is by divorcing himself from Bill Belichick and proving he can win on his own.

Still others have suggested he wants to do the same thing he’s always wanted to do the most his entire career: win. It’s no longer a foregone conclusion that the Pats give him the best odds at reaching and winning the Super Bowl — many believe there are suitors out there that could improve his odds dramatically (ie. the Tennessee Titans).

There are many other reasons too, of course, both known and unknown. His TB12 brand is always something to consider, as are the wants and needs of his wife and children. He could also just want a change of scenery for no reason other than that: he wants a change of scenery.

Bleacher Report’s Matt Jones cited a report from The Athletic’s Mike Sando on Monday that gave us some more clarity on what Brady could potentially be looking for as he eyes that start of free agency and the final(?) chapter(s?) of his Hall of Fame career.

According to the report, Brady is currently applying pressure to Belichick and the Pats “to improve their roster, with speculation surrounding the quarterback’s future beginning to intensify ahead of the free-agency deadline.” Brady reportedly wants the organization to “recruit some high-class players.”

All of this isn’t exactly breaking news, but it still represents the firmest evidence we have yet that Brady really wants reinforcements more than he potentially wants relocation.

That should be great news for Patriots fans who are sitting at home biting their nails and wondering every other minute whether they’re about to get a notification on their phone that Brady is headed elsewhere.

Now it’s just up to Belichick, Robert Kraft, and the rest of the New England brain trust to actually make Brady’s wishes come true and add some “high-class players.”

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Who would you like to see the Patriots add to their roster in free agency, the draft, or via trade in order to convince Tom Brady to stay in 2020 and beyond?