New England Patriots: Potential free agent QBs to target in 2020

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With Tom Brady hitting free agency, the New England Patriots need a backup plan.The team might be in the market for another quarterback for 2020.

The New England Patriots are dealing with the potential departure of the face of their franchise this spring when Tom Brady becomes a free agent.

As weird as it is to hear or say, it’s very much a realistic possibility for Tom Brady to be playing for another team next fall. At this point, it seems like Brady himself is 50/50 on the whole upcoming situation.

Here’s Brady, per Westwood One Radio:

“I am open-minded about the process and at the same time I love playing football and want to continue to play and do a great job. I am looking to what is ahead. Whatever the future may bring, I will embrace it with open arms.”

If this is the end of the road between the New England Patriots and Tom Brady, then a free agent quarterback becomes a necessity. A contingency plan will be important this time around.

There’s always a chance the Patriots feel confident in their second-year man, Jarrett Stidham. But with minimal experience under his belt, the expectations of Stidham leading a veteran team might not sit easy with Bill Belichick.

As the offseason for the Patriots started earlier than usual this year, that means the preparation for next season has already begun.

The thing with signing a free agent quarterback is the asking price is going to be extremely high, and the New England Patriots have already made it clear what their preferred budget is for the position.

Let’s take a look at the 2020 free agent quarterbacks.

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