List of New England Patriots’ offseason arrests in recent years

There have been two New England Patriots players who have been arrested this ofseason: Julian Edelman and Joejuan Williams.

The New England Patriots are having quite the start to their offseason.

Between having to deal with the constant media scrum surrounding Tom Brady’s future and his pending free agency, the New England Patriots have had other things surface in the last few weeks – none of which are too good.

As crazy as this season was for the Patriots, the start to the offseason is even crazier. There have been two players on the New England Patriots who have been arrested on separate occasions since the start of the off season: Julian Edelman and Joejuan Williams.

Edelman was seen partying with his former teammate, Danny Amendola, and old friend Paul Pierce in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago. He was charged for a misdemeanor and vandalism after jumping on the hood of somebody’s Mercedes Benz. Although he shouldn’t be jumping on cars at 33 years old, this situation seems like a simple open-and-shut case after he goes to court in April.

The case with Joejuan Williams is going to be a different story.

Williams, who is a native of Tennessee, was originally pulled over in his home state due to speeding, but wound up getting arrested for a handful of other reasons on Friday night. The New England Patriots cornerback got charged with drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, and having prescription drugs without a prescription.

It’s still unknown as to what is going to happen to Williams through the law, and until that happens, we’re definitely not going to get any additional information from the New England Patriots on the matter. As far as Williams being on the field, we know that this is a guy the Patriots traded up for in last years draft, and presumably one they are excited to have on their team.

The rookie went on to play in nine games in 2019, finishing the season with five tackles and one pass breakup. Williams saw a lot of his playing time on special teams during his rookie season, but is (or was) in line to take on a larger role in 2020.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about incidents revolving around drugs with the players of the Patriots in recent years. In 2018, Duron Harmon was arrested for trying to bring 58 grams of marijuana into Costa Rica. And just last year, Patrick Chung was charged for possession of cocaine (that would later be dismissed in court).

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In the months ahead of the upcoming season, it’ll be interesting to see how the New England Patriots handle some of these situations with their players. Even though it is the offseason, there’s still a contract that needs to be abided by, and I don’t think getting arrested is following through with your end of the deal if you’re a player.

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