Who is more valuable to the New England Patriots: Brady or Belichick?

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The New England Patriots are in a unique position this offseason in regards to the future of their franchise – mainly because of Tom Brady’s free agency.

For over two decades the New England Patriots have been successful due to the consistency and joint efforts of both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Six Super Bowl victories in nine appearances over the last 20 years will go down as one of the greatest runs in the history of sports.

But as we’re awaiting the 65 days before Brady officially hits free agency for the first time in his Hall of Fame career, let’s ask this question: who is more valuable to the Patriots at this point, Belichick or Brady?

Everybody enjoys making the argument about how Belichick has never won without Brady and he needs Brady to be successful. He may not have been a Super Bowl-winning head coach before Brady came around, but he was already an established Super Bowl-winning assistant coach in the NFL and a known defensive mastermind.

To think Belichick couldn’t be successful without Brady is lunatic.

Does anybody ever think about where Brady would be without Belichick? Possibly undrafted altogether, as Brady was an unpromising sixth-round pick when Belichick took a chance on him back in 2000.

Over the course of his career with the New England Patriots, Brady has risen to the heights of being the greatest of all time. Although it’s Brady who is the one on the field performing every week for the past 20 years, it’s Belichick’s system that has evolved Brady.

In regards to who is more valuable to the Patriots as a whole, it’s without a doubt Bill Belichick. The great coach is only 67 years old and probably has another 10-15 years to go before retirement.

Unlike Brady who is on the cusp of retirement, Belichick isn’t going anywhere for a while. Be prepared for Bill to be here coaching and installing his system into the next dynastic team he’s soon to put together.

But in regards to who holds more value to the Patriots right now? It’s Tom Brady.

Regardless of how disappointing the offense looked this season, it’s going to look even worse moving on from Brady right now. This is an established veteran team that still needs Brady if they want to remain being a title-contending team.

Him, and only him, is what makes the offense work. After 20 years in the NFL, Brady has become a master technician under center.

At this point in both of their careers, they need each other. Brady and Belichick know how to win, both are still eager to do so, and they “have all the answers to the test,” as Tom Brady has said previously.

Why would they stop now? Regardless of everything revolving around this situation, Brady has never let a contract get in the way of him playing football.

Similar to the plans with Jimmy Garoppolo, the Patriots need to find Brady’s successor and allow him to sit behind Tom and learn from the greatest to ever do it. It’s the only way to remain being a contending team, and to think otherwise is insanity.

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If there truly is only one or two more seasons of the Brady-Belichick New England Patriots, it’d be great to see them go all out and put themselves in the position to win one or two more Super Bowls before the partnership inevitably comes to an end.