Will the Patriots bring back Antonio Brown?


The New England Patriots have had their struggles offensively of late. Would they consider bringing back wide receiver Antonio Brown into the fold?

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The New England Patriots have an outstanding defense this year. It has been a big reason that they are running away with the AFC East yet again, clinching yet another consecutive winning season under head coach Bill Belichick. But will the Patriots be able to get a boost on offense from a former player on the free-agent market?

On this week’s episode of Stacking the Box, FanSided‘s Matt Verderame and Mark Carman, along with former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz, discuss if there is a possibility that the Patriots bring back wide receiver Antonio Brown, who played one game with them at the start of the season (0:40).

“You can’t run the risk of him being suspended right now if you bring him in,” says Schwartz. “So let’s say you bring him in and the NFL decides not so suspend him right away and he plays four weeks, you’ve got chemistry going and things are looking well on the offense. Then all of the sudden, he gets pulled away for being suspended, you look like fools.”

Schwartz would add that if the NFL does end up clearing Brown of any wrongdoing whatsoever, then he will get picked up by an NFL team very, very quickly. With a talent like that and with there only being six weeks left in the regular season, there will be teams willing to deal with the perpetual ice cream headache that is A.B. if that culminates in a run to the Super Bowl.

“Everything we’ve seen from Antonio Brown in what, the last two years, says which way is the wind blowing on a certain day. I don’t think anything is going to be consistent with him because nothing has been consistent in his life the last couple of years. I don’t think they’re going to be bringing him in.”

Belichick has a reputation of moving off players quick if he doesn’t think they can help his football team. It took a game for the Patriots to release Brown this season. While New England could look to upgrade on offense by signing someone off the street, there is a better chance than not that it won’t end up being Brown coming back to Foxborough to play for New England.

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