New England Patriots: Tom Brady’s social media behavior

The love affairs between New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and now free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown, seems to continue even after being apart for eight weeks now.

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown have played against each other for the better part of nine years, as part of some of those epic battles between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers over the years.

After a tumultuous exit from Pittsburgh, and then Oakland, Antonio Brown found himself playing for the New England Patriots. In a very short less than two-week stint with the team, AB seemed to have formed a quick rapport with his new quarterback, Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is relatively new to the social media world; more so with Twitter than anything else. But what we’re still seeing is the outpouring of “love and support” for Antonio Brown from Brady through social media. Almost anything that Brown posts on Instagram, Brady has a positive comment for it within the hour of posting.

Lately whatever it is that Antonio Brown posts on his Instagram, Tom Brady has a “like” and a “comment” for the post. This includes pictures that AB is creating of him and Brady in Pats jerseys together while doing different things on the field. Another photo includes Wolverine (X-Men) looking at a picture of Antonio Brown and Josh McDaniels.

Wolverine symbolizes Tom Brady, as he was a Michigan Wolverine, and he’s looking at a picture of his offensive coordinator (Josh McDaniels) and his favorite new target (Antonio Brown).

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It seems like a passive aggressive move that Brady is trying to pull. It’s become another way for him to express that he’s still bothered by the fact the New England Patriots pulled the plug early on Antonio Brown and not having any sort of back-up plan.

Let’s not forget that Antonio Brown took a shot at Patriots owner Robert Kraft after his departure. Let’s also not forget the amount of love, respect, and loyalty that Brady has for Kraft is endless.

This would make you think he would cut ties with Brown after learning what he did in regards to Kraft. That’s the most confusing part of all of this. How does Brady have so much love and respect for Antonio Brown, that he would ultimately disrespect Robert Kraft?

I think Brady was infatuated with the fact that he could throw to the best wide receiver in the league. Brady did seem to have instant chemistry with Brown after a very short time of working together. Antonio Brown has topped twelve-hundred receiving yards in each of the last six seasons.

There has been speculation that Brady would now prefer to have more veterans in his arsenal of weapons than rookies. A veteran wide receiver paired with Tom Brady, with no prior experience together, will be a better outcome than Brady paired with a bunch of rookies and inexperienced players.

I think Brady has expressed this to the leaders of the franchise in Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick, and is upset that they haven’t seen eye-to-eye in those regards. But Brady needs to understand that the team has tried to get him top talent receivers; more so in recent years.

It’s important to realize that the Pats have taken their shots at great wide receiver talent and have failed over the years; more recently with Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown. Tom would have even been pleased with Demaryius Thomas, whom the Pats let go of as well. The Patriots also traded for Mohamed Sanu this season prior to the trading deadline.

Sanu is a player that the New England Patriots have been intrigued by for a while now. Sanu should help open up and widen the passing game for Tom Brady. With the addition of Sanu, the Patriots wide receiving corps will consist of Julian Edelman, Mohamed Sanu, Phillip Dorsett, N’keal Harry, Jakobi Meyers, and Gunner Olszewski.

Whatever statement Brady is trying to prove is definitely getting heard around the league and organization. All the “extra-curricular activities” Brady is taken part of just doesn’t seem like the “Patriot Way” anymore. The “Patriot Way” is the mantra in which the organization lives by. It’s also a way of describing the character of the members of the team; something Brady has taken very seriously over the last twenty years.

How does Brady expect his teammates to follow his lead, when he himself is not leading by example, that is the “Patriot Way”?

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