Just admit the Patriots D is good, no matter who they’ve played


It does not matter who the New England Patriots have played through eight games, this defense has been historic and looks to continue in that direction.

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The New England Patriots continue on with their winning ways, as they are the first team to 8-0 this year. Only the 7-0 San Francisco 49ers can join them on their quest to perfection. While the offense has had its issues throughout the year, the Patriots have what looks to be a historic defense, on par with the 1985 Chicago Bears and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. How good is it?

On this week’s episode of Stacking the Box, FanSided‘s Matt Verderame and Mark Carman, along with former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz, look at the Patriots defense and the success that side of the ball has had this year and decide if the defense is as good as we think it is or if the Patriots have benefited from playing a soft schedule (11:00).

“It doesn’t matter,” said Schwartz regarding the Patriots’ perceived soft schedule. “If you look at what they’re doing right now, I know they haven’t played anybody…but DVOA has them historically No. 1 ever through eight weeks. That’s schedule-adjusted as well.”

Schwartz would use a team that many would argue has a really good defense in the Patriots’ division rival Buffalo Bills. Buffalo just gave up 31 points to the Philadelphia Eagles in their Week 8 loss. New England doesn’t give up late touchdowns in games, the Patriots don’t give up bad touchdowns, they just don’t let the other team score.

The Patriots are allowing more than one point fewer a game than Grits Blitz. Let that sink in. The Patriots are allowing more than a point less per ballgame than the 1977 Atlanta Falcons, who allowed under 10 points a game, albeit in a 14-game season. What we’re seeing out of the Patriots is historic and there’s no other way around it. We’re in untrodden territory here.

Of course, Grits Blitz didn’t qualify for the postseason, albeit in a shortened four-team field back in 1977, thanks to a bottom-tier offense. New England’s offense isn’t that bad, but it’s not the 2007 team by any stretch of the imagination. As long as Tom Brady and the New England offense doesn’t turn the football over, this 2019 Patriots defense will be one we’ll talk about forever.

Here are a few other topics discussed on this week’s episode of Stacking the Box:

  • Patriots are still better than 49ers – 7:55
  • Patriots offense is going to cost them a game – 12:05
  • Patriots vs. Chiefs is the AFCCG – 23:00
  • Patriots-Ravens odds – 42:52

All this and more!

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