Tom Brady continues clapping back at ‘cliff’ comments

Tom Brady is continuing to use his social media channels to refute the notion that he’s about to “fall off a cliff” when it comes to his NFL career.

It’s barely been a week since Patriots quarterback Tom Brady shared a photo on his Twitter account that trolled ESPN talk-show host Max Kellerman.

In the photo, Brady displays a ball velocity measuring device with a reading of 61 miles per hour, along with the superimposed caption of Kellerman’s quote “he’s gonna fall off a cliff.” 61 MPH is, of course, an extremely impressive speed at which to be throwing a football – especially for a veteran player who’s about to turn 42 and enter his 20th NFL season.

The photo is meant to discredit Kellerman and all other detractors and naysayers who think Brady’s already begun to physically decline and have his skills and abilities wane. For years now, Kellerman has used his public platform to become one of the more vocal and ardent critics of Brady’s game, and it’s usually him at the forefront of the “this is the year” arguments regarding the Patriots’ dynastic demise.

No matter. Brady has heard all the noise before and overcome it, and it seems he’s ready to do so once again.

Not satisfied with just the Twitter photo, his team shared a video on Friday in which Brady runs a 5.17-second 40-yard dash. That’s a notable time because, as NBC Sports’ Michael David Smith points out: it’s a better time than what Brady ran 19 years at the NFL Scouting Combine.

At 22, Brady posted a 5.28-second 40-yard dash. At 41 (almost 42), he’s managed to shave off .11 seconds.

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While conventional wisdom and one hundred years of NFL history say that what Brady’s doing shouldn’t be possible, TB12 continues to find new and impressive ways of proving he’s the real-life Benjamin Button of athletes.




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