Kyle Van Noy vows revenge on Bill Belichick for paintball incident

Shot in the face by his own head coach during a team-bonding paintball outing last month, Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy is now out for revenge.

Those looking for a laugh or a smile in the post-holiday, day-after-the-Fourth-of-July blues might find it in the latest bit of news surrounding affable Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy.

The former Detroit Lion has reinvented his football career as well as his media presence since making his way to Foxborough and blossoming under Bill Belichick’s watchful eye. He recently sat down for an interview with the NFL Network’s Logan Reardon, during which he discussed his NFL idols growing up, which players are the hardest to bring down in the league, and a number of other intriguing topics.

The highlight of the interview may have come at the tail-end, though, when Reardon asked Van Noy if he had any plans to try and get Belichick back for “the paintball incident” that occurred last month.

For those not in the loop, “the paintball incident” is what happened when Belichick canceled the final day of OTAs to take his team on a fun-filled, roster-bonding activity: paint-balling. Everything was going fine and dandy for most of the players and coaches – that is, until Van Noy took a direct hit to the mask by none other than Belichick himself, hurting his mouth/tooth/lips/face in the process.

Van Noy has laughed off the incident – and even been teased about it by some of his teammates – but he doesn’t sound like he’s ready to let bygones be bygones just yet.

“I’ll get my revenge,” he told Reardon. “It’ll be during fall camp somehow. I’ll have to plan something good. He probably doesn’t even know he shot me. It was good, but I’ll get him back, though. He just doesn’t know when it will come.”

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Van Noy also made some waves in the interview by insisting he knew “the whole time” his Patriots were going to come back against the Falcons and overcome a 25-point Super Bowl deficit  to win the franchise’s fifth title.


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