New England Patriots: Tom Brady praises Philip Rivers record performance

New England Patriots, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)
New England Patriots, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images) /

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was very complimentary of Philip Rivers’ record-setting performance.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knows a thing or two about record-breaking performances. Brady is one of the most successful quarterbacks in the history of the league, even setting a new record this past weekend.

Brady became the all-time leader in career passing yards in the regular season and playoffs combined. He passed the total previously held by Peyton Manning.

Brady set the record this past weekend against the New York Jets. It was one of many milestones that Brady has accomplished this season. Brady wasn’t the only player setting records this weekend.

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback, Philip Rivers, is overlooked when people discuss the best quarterbacks in the league. Rivers has been very productive in his career, and this season the results are paying off, as the Chargers have a record of 8-3. Also, Rivers will now have his name etched in the record book.

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Rivers set the record for most consecutive completions to begin a game on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, completing his first 25 passes of the game. That also tied the record for consecutive passes held by Ryan Tannehill. However, Rivers does hold the top spot for completion percentage in a game, 96.6 percent, as he completed 28-of-29 passes.

Before beginning preparations for the Minnesota Vikings, Brady spoke about Rivers’ performance. It was one even Brady was wowed by.

"“It’s nearly impossible, which is the reason why it has never been done before. Philip made incredible throws. I watched the game. Obviously, when someone has a record-breaking performance, I want to go figure out what the heck they’re doing,” Brady said Monday during his weekly interview on Westwood One.“And the reality is there is a high level of difficulty on a lot of those throws. He made great throws where the receivers could get their hands on the ball and make the catch. The receivers made some good catches. Really, the incompletion came where he got a little hit as he was getting ready to pass; that probably would have been a completion. That’s just remarkable.”"

The only incompletion in the game for Rivers was arguably one of the easiest he had in the game. A short dump pass to Austin Ekeler went awry as the pressure reached Rivers, as Brady mentioned.

Rivers is in the midst of one of the best seasons in his career. He has completed 69.5 percent of his passes for 3,119 yards, 26 touchdowns and only six interceptions. He is on pace for a career-high QBR and quarterback rating. If he throws nine more touchdowns in the final five games of the season, he will also set his career-high for touchdowns in a season as well.

Brady heaped even more praise on Rivers, adding that he was very happy for him.

"“It feels pretty good; you can have a high level of confidence when great things like that are happening. The Chargers are having a great season, Philip is having a helluva year,” Brady said in the Westwood One interview. “I’m very happy for him. That’s an incredible record to have.”"

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An incredible record, it is. Marcus Mariota came very close to topping it on Monday Night Football, completing his first 19 passes of the game, making it 25 total as he completed his final six attempts last week. Mariota finished the game 22-for-23, which gives him the second highest completion percentage in a game.