New England Patriots: Analyzing the offensive line for 2018

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Right Tackle

The elder statesman of the Patriots offensive line, standing at 6 foot 6 inches and 335 pounds, Marcus Cannon is the functioning enforcer.

Cannon is a two-time Super Bowl Champion, playing on the team since 2011 he has accumulated a huge amount of experience under the Patriots system.

The oversized tackle has been vital to the Patriots pass protection, his size, power, and agility result in great run blocking in addition to keeping edge rushers at bay.

Cannon finishes blocks with aggressiveness which sets a tone for the offensive line in keeping more talented defenses under control.

Aside from occasionally missing assignments, Cannon has difficulty dealing with quicker, younger edge rushers that are uber explosive.

The Patriots will seek Cannon in other manners outside of just playing, his experience as well as knowledge of the game can be used to teach the younger lineman as they develop in the Patriots system.

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The Patriots offensive line should be able to adapt to the personnel changes but we all should hold out on predictions until we watch how they perform during the preseason.

Full contact games against different opponents will ultimately show what the line is made of and whether or not the loss of Solder will leave Brady’s blindside vulnerable.