New England Patriots: Robert Kraft talks about continuity


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft recently discussed the continuity of having Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

The New England Patriots have had the great fortune of having one of the most successful franchises in all four major sports over the last two decades. With Tom Brady as the quarterback and Bill Belichick as the head coach, the Patriots have won five Super Bowls.

Due to their success together, Brady and Belichick are both considered to be two of the greatest of all-time. As a coach/quarterback combo, there may not be a better when looking at what they have accomplished together.

In addition to the great combination of Brady and Belichick, a lot of credit also has to go to Kraft for keeping the great duo together. Recently, Kraft talked about having both Brady and Belichick together for so long. Here’s what he said in an ESPN interview with text from

"“The job of ownership is to keep continuity when you have something good,” Kraft said. “I think some people just make change for change’s sake, and I have a rule: We never break something down unless we can put something better in its place. And the Belichick-Brady combo has been pretty good.”"

Having Belichick and Brady has resulted in a lot of success for the Patriots over the years. Seeing a player and a coach with one organization for as long as they have both been in New England is very rare. Like Tim Duncan and Greg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs going back a few years, the Patriots have had similar success to those two greats from the NBA.

In the age of free agency, keeping a player for his entire career has become increasingly rare. However, the Patriots have been able to do so with Brady. Even though there has been a lot of reported drama with the Patriots recently, the team appears to be on the right track heading into the season.

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With the combination of Belichick and Brady still intact, the Patriots are once again favorites to win the AFC this season. While things might not be perfect in New England, winning solves a lot of problems, and that is something that the Patriots know how to do.