New England Patriots: Jimmy Garoppolo does not shy away from comments


Former New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo recently discussed some comments made about Tom Brady.

Former New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo recently raised some eyebrows with comments made from his time with New England. In an interview, Garoppolo hinted that he might have thought that he was better than Tom Brady.

The comments made by Garoppolo caused quite the stir, but as an athlete, Garoppolo should certainly think that he is the best in order to be successful. The mindset that Garoppolo has is one that many of the best athletes in the world have to believe in.

Going into a game thinking that you aren’t better than your opponent, it will likely only result in you losing. The same mindset going into a game should be the one you have when you’re staring up at someone on the depth chart.

Recently, Garoppolo didn’t back down from the comments that he made, as he talks about his confidence and mindset as a player. Here’s what he said via Ryan Hannable of

"“I think every good athlete, in order to be great at what you do, you have to be confident. Belief in yourself,” he said."

Garoppolo is certainly right that every athlete has to be confident in themselves. While he might have believed that he was better than Brady, Garoppolo obviously isn’t as of now. However, that belief in himself might push him to become a great quarterback in the NFL.

After being traded to the San Francisco 49ers, Garoppolo was able to have a perfect record as a starter, as he has yet to lose a game as a starter in his career. While that is an awesome accomplishment, the sample size is still fairly small.

Heading into 2018, Garoppolo will now have the pressure of being the franchise quarterback for the 49ers. However, the confidence that Garoppolo possesses and his belief in himself should help him handle that pressure.

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Even though he isn’t yet better than Brady, his belief in himself might be something that he learned from arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time.