New England Patriots: Jimmy Garoppolo drawing interest from TV networks

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 31: Jimmy Garoppolo
LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 31: Jimmy Garoppolo /

With the NFL preparing their television schedule for next season, might we see a former quarterback for the New England Patriots often on T.V.?

As the television networks battle for what teams and games they will be getting next season, former New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has drawn a lot of interest.

In what came as a surprise to many, the Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo in the middle of the season to the San Francisco 49ers. Due to the Patriots not being able to pay Garoppolo in the offseason and the success of Tom Brady still, trading him did make sense for New England.

After sitting out the first few games with the 49ers in order to get used to their playbook, Garoppolo was able to take the league by storm as a starter. In the five games that he started, the 49ers went undefeated.

Considering how bad San Francisco was before Garoppolo started playing there, he certainly appears like he can be the savior of the franchise. As a historic franchise, the 49ers have generally done well when it comes to playing on National Television. However, their recent struggles have resulted in few big games for them.

Now with Garoppolo under center, interest is certainly peaked again for the 49ers, and according to, they are drawing a lot of interest.

While the 49ers and Garoppolo have sparked some interest, the Patriots will likely be one of the most featured teams once again on National Television. As one of the favorites to be in the Super Bowl once again next season, Tom Brady and company will still be drawing a lot of interest.

However, as we saw last season, some teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, and the Los Angeles Rams are much improved and will likely get some big games on television as well.

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While the Patriots are used to these big showcases, they might be finding themselves playing some nationally televised games against teams other than the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2018.