Patriots News: Tom Brady getting stitches out this week


New England Patriots News: Quarterback Tom Brady expects to have his stitches removed from his hand sometime this week.

New England Patriots news is positive this week. The Patriots season is continuing, as they defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars in comeback fashion on Sunday, 24-20. With the victory in the AFC Championship game, the Patriots are advancing to play in the Super Bowl on February 4th in Minnesota.

The biggest story leading up to the game against the Jaguars was the health of quarterback, Tom Brady. Brady injured his hand in practice last week and it immediately became the talk of the town and social media.

There were differing reports about how bad the injury actually was. Some people believed the injury was worse than Brady and the Patriots were letting on, while others figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.

On the Friday before the game, both Brady and head coach Bill Belichick said, ‘we’ll see’ in regards to his status for the game.

Brady ended up starting against the Jaguars to the surprise of no one. What may have surprised some people was how well Brady played.

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The stitches in his hand seemed to have no negative impact on Brady. Sure, he had a couple of wobbly throws, but some of that can be attributed more to the Jaguars defense than Brady’s hand injury.

When the Patriots offense needed to make plays, Brady got the job done. Even with star tight end Rob Gronkowski going down prior to halftime because of a hit to the head, Brady got the job done with Danny Amendola and Brandin Cooks playing a huge role.

Brady ended the game with 290 yards, completing 26-of-38 passes, including two touchdowns. Brady led an impressive comeback against a young, feisty Jaguars defense. While the stitches were a big story leading up to the AFC Championship game, they shouldn’t be leading up to the Super Bowl.

During an appearance on the Kirk and Callahan show, Brady discussed the stitches. According to Brady, the stitches should be coming out this week.

"“Hopefully some time this week. And at that point, again, because I was fortunate not to tear any ligaments or anything like that – there was no broken bones – that was obviously the best news I could ever hear based on what you thought it could be. It ended up being a lot of good luck after, I’d say, a pretty unlucky injury. It turned out to be a lot good luck it wasn’t more serious than it was.”"

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The injury caused some issues with preparation, as Brady had to get treatment and miss some practice time. With two weeks of prep time for the Philadelphia Eagles, Brady should be present for almost all of it as it sounds like the hand injury will be put behind him with the stitches being removed sometime this week.