New England Patriots: Latest Update on Atlanta Falcons’ Injury Report

Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

The New England Patriots will be facing the Atlanta Falcons in a few days. How are the Falcons doing on the injury front?

With Super Bowl 51 just a few days away, the New England Patriots are preparing for the Atlanta Falcons. At this point in the season, all players are a bit banged up. However, the extra week of rest has certainly helped leading up to the Super Bowl.

When the Falcons began their practice week, they had two key players limited on the report. Both wide receivers Julio Jones and center Alex Mack were limited due to injuries. Despite being a bit banged up, head coach Dan Quinn said the Jones is healthy and ready to go on Sunday.

“He’s healthy,” said coach Dan Quinn after practice to Peter King. “It would take an awful lot, an act of nature, for him not to be 100 percent rolling on Sunday. I have to do a good job of managing him too, but he goes at one speed. He’s not comfortable at taking anything three-quarters, as I’ve learned in my two years with him.”

Jones has been dealing with a toe injury, but you would have never have guessed that seeing him play against the Green Bay Packers. Getting Jones back on the practice field is certainly good leading up to the Super Bowl. With the long layoff, being rusty is certainly a possibility for players that are limited in practice.

“I told the team it’s so important to get the full-speed looks,” Quinn said to King. “One time on a snap count we were early. But as the practice went on, our timing got better and better. From that standpoint, it met my expectations.”

In addition to Jones being healthier, so is center Alex Mack. As the anchor of the offensive line, having Mack healthy is certainly key for the Falcons. Quinn doesn’t seem to have any worries about either Jones or Mack.

“Those two, really, are relatively minor injuries,” Quinn said to King.

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The Falcons are certainly looking good on the injury report heading into Super Bowl 51. Having both Jones and Mack getting in solid practices is reassuring that they will be prepared for the big game.