New England Patriots: Ranking Remaining Playoff Teams

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New England Patriots
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4.) Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s hard to say that the Pittsburgh Steelers with their high-powered offense is the worst team left in the playoffs, but that appears to be the case. The NFC has clearly been the better conference this season, and the Steelers will be traveling to Foxboro as sizeable underdogs.

In the win against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Steelers were able to move the ball rather well. However, they had to settle for an NFL-record six field goals in the game. Considering the weapons that the Steelers have on offense, not scoring a touchdown against any team, even the Chiefs is surprising. However, the Steelers’ offense hasn’t been as sharp away from home as they have been in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately for them, that is exactly where they will be on Sunday.

Even though the Steelers’ offense didn’t perform up to expectations, their defense more than did their part. In the second half of the season, the Steelers have been playing much better defensively, and that is something that must continue on Sunday.

The improved Steelers defense will certainly be tested by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. If they are going to pull off an upset, they must get pressure on Brady and force turnovers like the Texans did.