They can take Tom Brady, but they cannot take away the New England Patriots

Tom Brady (12) New England Patriots - Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
Tom Brady (12) New England Patriots - Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports /

Roger Goodell can level a disproportionate punishment on Tom Brady, but he can’t take away the New England Patriots.

The first New England Patriots regular season game is a treat that no overbearing commissioner can take away from a fan base that has seen its quarterback badgered and beaten up in a senseless fiasco. Roger Goodell, you can take our quarterback (for four games), but you can’t take our team.

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Having one of the all-time greats for a decade and a half has created several forms of Patriots fandom. There are Patriots fans; there are Tom Brady fans. You can idolize Brady as much as you want, but at the end of the day, you are still a Patriots fan. Similarly, the NFL can make a huge deal out of nothing and take away Brady for four games, but Goodell can’t take away the Patriots.

In other words, Patriots fans can enjoy tonight’s game just as much as they would if Brady was playing. After all, we are Patriots fans. Until Goodell finds a way to suspended all 53 players suiting up for tonight’s game (and the 10 practice squad players as well), the Patriots will play tonight.

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There is nothing more exciting than opening day. The unknowns surrounding Garoppolo are a bit worrying, but at the same time, they are exciting as well. Yes, we don’t know what kind of quarterback Garoppolo will be… but as long as the Pats reach a 2-2 record by the time Brady comes trotting back, they will fine.

Furthermore, there is much more to this team than just the quarterback position. We are excited to see how the defense stands up against the potent Cardinals offensive attack, as the Patriots carry no shortage of stars in their prime on defense, from Dont’a Hightower and Jamie Collins to Devin McCourty and Malcolm Butler.

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Again, Goodell can take away Brady, but he can’t take away the excitement of Week 1 for Patriots fans. Put aside your worries and concerns about a Brady-less offense, and just sit back and enjoy the game tonight. We Patriots fans deserve it.